Thank you for your interest in my artwork and commissioned oil paintings.

Yes, I’m the guy who creates custom oil paintings of auto racing events, classic cars, aviation, and sure… why not throw in a few beautiful landscape paintings while we’re at it. My vocation as a Boeing 777 Commercial Pilot has afforded me the ability to visit some magical places and frequent some exciting racing events around the globe!


I hope you enjoy a visit thru my 3D Virtual Art Gallery and find the website informative and fun.  It’s my sincere desire, as an Aeromotive Artist, to “Render Your Car, Your Race, Your Moment in Time” in an artistic manner that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Jonathan Frank

Aeromotive Artist

Ceilings Unlimited Aeromotive Art features custom commssioned oil paintings by Jonathan Frank. Specializing in the art of Auto Racing Events, Aviation Art and Beautiful Landscapes.

We encourage you to enjoy a stroll thru our 3D Virtual Art Gallery to see more of Jonathan’s Artwork, and visit our Online Store to purchase an oil painting for your home or office.

You can obtain Pricing Info. or more info. about Jonathan by visiting the Artist Bio Page, or contact him directly by phone or email on our Contact Page. Thanks for stopping by!